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How a Garage Can be Turned into Your Very Own Apartment

Do you need a place to live when you are hunting for a job, studying at school or just trying to adjust your income otherwise? If you are offered a single-car, empty garage, just take it! You will have to do some work on these garages and they can be turned into wonderful cozy apartments for rent.

The floor should be thoroughly swept first and then you should scrub it using some laundry detergent. If floor of these Jacksonville fl apartments is not too soaked with grease then same broom can be used for working up few good suds. After rinsing and sweeping the water away, allow the floor to dry for a couple of days prior to putting down the flooring. Meanwhile, you can start painting the walls prior to installing the flooring.

After letting the paint to dry, install flooring of your choice...

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Designing Floor Plan of the Efficiency Apartments

It can prove to be a real challenge when you have to design floor plan of your efficiency apartments in fl. The way you arrange your domestic possessions should suit the space so that it can look comfortable and inviting. You can make the living spaces to have a roomier feel by investing in appropriate furniture, and buying furniture in right amounts at the same time, as well as arranging it harmoniously with your apartment’s layout.

When you have to design the floor plan, you should start by making scale drawing for your apartment’s floor plan on some big paper. Outlines should be made for the furniture on a stiff paper, matching the exact scale as that of the floor plan of your apartment, and then cut these outlines.

In order to make things easier you can use ¼ inch as a scale for re...

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