Designing Floor Plan of the Efficiency Apartments

Designing Floor Plan of the Efficiency Apartments

It can prove to be a real challenge when you have to design floor plan of your efficiency apartments in fl. The way you arrange your domestic possessions should suit the space so that it can look comfortable and inviting. You can make the living spaces to have a roomier feel by investing in appropriate furniture, and buying furniture in right amounts at the same time, as well as arranging it harmoniously with your apartment’s layout.

When you have to design the floor plan, you should start by making scale drawing for your apartment’s floor plan on some big paper. Outlines should be made for the furniture on a stiff paper, matching the exact scale as that of the floor plan of your apartment, and then cut these outlines.

In order to make things easier you can use ¼ inch as a scale for representing 1 foot of floor space in Jacksonville fl apartments. So, if you have 20 x 30 ft apartment, then its representation on a page will be 5 x 7 ½ inches.

Now is the time when you will have to move your furniture representations across this scale drawing in order to determine what can be most suitable place for putting each furniture item. Remaining space should be used for deciding what kind of other furniture items may be needed. Here it is important to remember that you have to keep traffic flow in your mind along with some other considerations like the way in which your doors open and the frequency of using your furniture pieces.

All doors, closets, windows, heating vents and skylights should be drawn on the scale drawing. Now the furniture should be arranged in a way that it may not prevent the doors from getting opened or may or block light entering the efficiency apartments through windows or block the heat coming from heating vents.

Side tables should also be arranged for holding lamps keeping them ahead of the outlets. This way you will be able to avoid any unsightly cords from draping across the walls.

The daylight progression should also be determined relative to the apartment. Everything in the apartment should be arranged in a way that light can still be used by you. For instance, if you love to take breakfasts in sunlight, then you should put a table in a place where you take your breakfasts, in a window that faces east.

The couch as well as other furniture should be arranged in a place that allows you to relax so that you can have maximum utilization of your windows. Conversely, you can use shades or drapes for minimizing windows having ugly views. Also, spend some of your time in the apartment while listening to the traffic or any other noise coming in the apartment. Now, arrange your furniture in a way that you get least affected due to this noise.

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