How a Garage Can be Turned into Your Very Own Apartment

How a Garage Can be Turned into Your Very Own Apartment

Do you need a place to live when you are hunting for a job, studying at school or just trying to adjust your income otherwise? If you are offered a single-car, empty garage, just take it! You will have to do some work on these garages and they can be turned into wonderful cozy apartments for rent.

The floor should be thoroughly swept first and then you should scrub it using some laundry detergent. If floor of these Jacksonville fl apartments is not too soaked with grease then same broom can be used for working up few good suds. After rinsing and sweeping the water away, allow the floor to dry for a couple of days prior to putting down the flooring. Meanwhile, you can start painting the walls prior to installing the flooring.

After letting the paint to dry, install flooring of your choice. You must follow instructions given on box if you select the peel-and-stick tiles for the floor. If you go for jute mats, make sure that they are placed in most strategic areas, such as bedside, beneath the dining table or sofa. Next, you should take a drop cloth with heavy canvas and nail its top edge to crossbeam. Now take another one of this cloth and it should be nailed in the same manner, but at a beam which is almost 2/3rd of garage’s length.  This way you will be able to make three areas into the small rental apartments: the living space, the kitchen/dining space, and the bedroom. Those who are lucky get a sink as well as one end of the garage and this area can be used as kitchen. Living room can be set up in middle part and the bedroom can go last, allowing you to have some privacy.

When it comes to the living space, place all the furniture, TV, stereo or anything else for entertainment purposes in this place allowing yourself to have a comfortable seating space. Accept if you are offered any kind of furniture by somebody else as it can be easily refinished or painted. Paint a square piece of plywood and put it on top of four legs or small pillars of the salvaged brick to make your very own coffee table which is indeed a very useful piece of furniture.

When it comes down to the kitchen of garage apartments, you can build some extra small shelves by yourself with the help of metal brackets as well as any wood boards that may be lying idle. They can be used for holding spices, cook books or even a clock. A small microwave and a refrigerator will be required to go in your kitchen as well. Several brackets as well as longer board can be used for making the kitchen counter which can prove to be very helpful as well.

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