How To Achieve Wider Feel In Rectangular Rooms In Apartments?

How To Achieve Wider Feel In Rectangular Rooms In Apartments?

Long walls and close corners in the narrow and rectangular rooms of Jacksonville fl apartments may prove to be hard to decorate. In case if you’re looking to add some squareness and air back into your rectangular apartment rooms then you should follow some popular tips for interior design using color, transforming accessories and strategic placement of furniture. If the room gets limited exposure to sun or there aren’t enough windows, then you should use high-gloss paint to achieve reflective effect as well as to make your walls and ceiling look more expansive.

Use color and paint for creating illusion of an open space in the apartment. Paint some darker shade on the room’s short ends compared to the ones you use on longer walls for the sake of emphasizing depth. It is also a good idea to paint some horizontal stripes at short walls for creating width. Trim of long walls should be painted lighter compared to the walls themselves in order to push these walls out whereas for short walls the trim needs to be darker compared to base so that walls can be brought inwards.

When dealing with rectangular rooms in rental apartments, focal points need to be placed on long walls for emphasizing room’s width instead of the length. Furniture needs to be arranged in square, angular or circle formations all around your focal point for offsetting the room’s rectangular shape. Try to setup the furniture in different zones that are made for service particular purposes; for instance, rectangular living room/dining room combo can have an eating zone, entertainment zone as well as a reading or conversation zone.

You need to be proactive when selecting the furniture for rectangular rooms of apartments in Jacksonville. Sleek and narrow furniture should be selected leaving definitive space in between your furniture and floor to have a roomy and airy effect. Squaring effect can be furthered with the installation of bold rugs having stripes flowing parallel to longer walls. In case if you can afford to do renovations, you should install big square tiles for countering your room’s rectangular shape.

Windows should also be made to look wider through the extension in curtain rod taking them past the real window frame; also, curtain rod needs to be placed close to your ceiling as well.

Several sources of lights should be installed to have a spacious and layered effect. Don’t go for just one overhead lighting source; instead, you should better use lamps, wall sconces, and different overhead lights. It can be great to ensure that all the zones have separate source of light that is designated to them only.

Accessories having metal accents should be incorporated along with the furniture with glass tops for creating that illusion of extra space. Also place the mirrors in strategic locations so that they can reflect light and also amplify the space.

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