What It Takes To Brighten Up Your Bas

What It Takes To Brighten Up Your Bas

It is obvious for the basement apartments in Jacksonville to get less of natural light compared to other apartments that are located above ground. With minimal exposure of these apartments to light, they can appear to be drab, dark and quite uninviting. However, it does not need any major remodeling tricks to be used for the sake of making these basement apartments look brighter. Some kind of brightness can be imparted in these apartments without having spend huge sums of money and it won’t take too much of your time either.

Use drop cloths for covering the furniture and flooring of Jacksonville fl apartments that are located in the basements. Any windowsills, doorways as well as the attached fixtures should be taped off. Select a bright shade for painting the ceilings of the rooms and cover walls with sunny, light colors, like light peach, delicate taupe or pale yellow. Deep colors should be avoided as they tend to make these apartments seem small and dark.

Window coverings should be removed for letting maximum possible light into the apartment. You can replace old drapes and curtains with the blinds which can be rolled up tight and allow you to enjoy complete privacy as well as abundant sunlight, whichever is needed by you at any time. Use lacy or gauzy sheers for drawing attention towards windows and make sure that whichever choice you make does not restrict the light.

Bright and light colored throw rugs should be scattered over drab flooring or dark carpeting in your rental apartments located in the basement. Throw rugs can also be placed along the areas of normal traffic and you can also set these rugs in the dark and poorly lit basement corners.

Wall art having huge and cumbersome frames need to be removed. You should better replace such overwhelming art pieces with crisp and small art pieces having narrow frames. Any unnecessary clutter should be eliminated as it can make the apartment seem crowded and look clammy and small at the same time. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture so that you are left with only necessary items which can be used regularly. Excessive throw pillows, old magazines and other knickknacks should be removed from the apartment as well.

Think about installing mirrored tiles or mirrors opposite to the walls having windows so that they can reflect light. It can prove to be helpful in creating an illusion of bigger expanses of the open space. Lamps should be placed ahead of mirrors for reflecting light as well as increasing rooms’ brightness.

In order to further brighten up your basement apartments, you should place the slipcovers on dark furniture. Select the slipcovers that have light colors and can complement shades of the flooring and the walls. For example, you can select soft lavender or pale blue color for the slipcovers to go on a chair placed near the wall in pale yellow color.

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