What Kind Of Missouri Housing Is Right For You?

You might have heard that Missouri is the “Show Me State.” That slogan is not actually official, per the state government, but it’s certainly ingrained itself into the populace as the philosophy and way of life. It’s also very commonly used in advertising materials and marketing campaigns designed to draw visitors to this Midwestern state. Many who come here for business or pleasure fall in love with the state and decide to return, either for an extended visit, or permanently. In either case, they need to decide what kind of Missouri housing is right for them.

Much of your choices might depend on where you live. If you go for a flat and rural area, you might could actually live the farmhouse dream. Even a small lot could produce a lot of food or gardening, and even if you don’t do it yourself, you might make arrangements for someone else to work the land. Living in the Ozarks might mean a smaller home, but you could have a log cabin to come home too, or a home right on the water. A home right on the water is also possible along the many major rivers that pass through or along the borders of the state. Of course, if you choose to live in St. Louis or Kansas City, then you can choose from detached homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and other options.

As you can see, Missouri housing comes in many different options and forms, spread across a number of different environments, rural, urban, and in between. You can also be anywhere from one of the top floors of a high-rise in a city to a farmhouse on flat land growing your own food to being nestled in between mountain ridges or even near water gently flowing by.